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Our mission

Emmaus Singapore exists to glorify God by providing Biblically sound resources & structured study materials for teaching people from every walk of life to experience Jesus Christ as Saviour, growing in Him and sharing their faith with others.

About us

Emmaus Correspondence School was founded in Canada, over 80 years ago in 1942. Till today, the courses continue to be available in more than 190 countries in over 120 languages, & are also available IN PRINT, APP & WEBSITE.

There are currently over 30 languages available on the Emmaus app, & most are following the Emmaus Road curriculum. The Emmaus Road is designed to start from the good news - what it means to be saved & why be saved - to more in-depth Christian living & Bible book studies for the growing believer. It is modular & bite-sized, very suitable & effective for personal & small group study for all ages: Young People, Professionals, Housewives, & even Retirees!!


These basic courses are available FREE upon request:

(1) What the Bible Teaches

(2) The Source of Life (The Gospel of John)

(3) The Greatest Man Alive

(4) Lessons for Christian Living

Check out these Free, Foundational Courses 


The Greatest Man Alive


Who is the greatest Person who ever lived? He is Jesus Christ. Whether you know a lot or almost nothing about Him, this course will help you discover Him for yourself. You will learn from the Bible who He really is, what He did, and how you can know Him. 




Chapter 1 – Who is Jesus?
Chapter 2 – What did He Do?
Chapter 3 – How can I Meet Him?

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Helping people find their way back to God

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